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Case Study: Remote Controlled Midstream Services

Remote Controlled Midstream

Case Study: Remote Controlled Midstream Services

You have the site. You have the plan. All you need is boots on the ground.​ ​This scenario is faced by many midstream operators right now because uncertainty, shelter-in-place orders, and travel restrictions have made it difficult to conduct bid walks to launch projects. And across all industries, working “remotely” has become the new normal.​ ​As a full-service EPC firm, OGT recently served as a client’s boots on the ground, remotely designing and constructing two side-by-side transmission meter stations in the Permian Basin.

Start to Finish

Without being on-site to conduct typical bid walks, the client’s project was ready for a startup in less than 24 weeks ​—​ ​from project initiation to PSSR (Pre-Startup Safety Review). ​The client’s project manager obtained turnkey design, construction, and project management services remotely.

Our project management and QA/QC team maintained frequent communication with the client’s local inspection team to verify the appropriate documentation was in place throughout the project. Remote project execution allowed the client to control the project as planned, from a single source, and without physically being on-site, which kept the project on-budget and on-schedule without juggling multiple subcontractors as the project progressed.

Process Design & Equipment/Material Sourcing

In-house experience with similar projects allowed for efficient design basis creation and long-lead equipment specification.​ Our knowledge and control of the trade-specific schedules allowed us to manage long-lead vendors to coordinate deliveries without expediting.

Civil Design & Construction

Experienced with Permian conditions, we designed facility pads, roads, and foundations. Later, our project management and construction teams coordinated to complete site work, build forms, tie rebar, and pour foundations.

Mechanical Design and Construction

We created a project-specific piping specification to meet code and operational requirements. Our team was then able to design the facilities and host an on-line review with the client. We prefabricate piping at our custom fabrication facility. Our coordinated team was then able to deliver and install everything in the field.

Structural Design and Construction

We designed a structural-support system to accommodate dimensional, layout, and operational needs, then prefabricated the supports and installed them in the field.

Electrical Design and Construction

Our engineers designed code-compliant electrical infrastructure and instrumentation, such as analyzers, control valves, transmitters, switches and meters, and electrical power, for the intended operations. Coordination with mechanical and civil trades allowed resource sharing and synchronized task planning for a cleaner, more efficient field installation.


Our design team coordinated the in-house fabrication of all piping, structural supports, and station bollards. All fabrication took place in our own controlled environments and included NDE, pressure testing, sandblasting, and painting before delivery in the field.

Insulation and Fencing

We installed insulation as required by the client for year-round thermal considerations. Our crews installed a chain link security fence topped with barbed wire.


We oversaw programming for station-control logic, functional acceptance testing, meter calibration, loop checkout, and we worked with operations for commissioning.

Remote Control

Throughout the project, OGT’s project manager provided weekly reports to the client. These were discussed weekly through screen-share conferencing with the client’s PM, operations, and inspection team. Progress reports covered photo documentation, schedule, milestones, critical tasks, and action-item assignments for the upcoming week. Additionally, there were daily calls between OGT’s PM and the client PM, which allowed us, as a trusted partner, to serve as a remote extension of the client’s own team ​⁠—​ effectively becoming their “boots on the ground.”

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